Challenging to produce relevant marketing content for your customers? Really? We have a tool to help your prospects choose the property they desire by taking them on a 360 virtual tour.  

Let your real estate properties sell themselves with Selfin.

Help your customers virtually transpose right at the balcony of a villa and look around their dream
house from anywhere in the world.

Upload your floor plan and we'll make you a 3D tour for free.

Rather than relying on 2D marketing materials, we put technology at work.

Let your customers experience properties in virtual reality, simply using a VR headset or their mobile devices.

360 degrees of virtual reality to speed up the selling process

Selfin was born at the crossroad of innovative marketing and technology progress.

Since there is no tangible asset to see, the pre-sale stage of a real estate property can be challenging.

But it shouldn’t be. Our groundbreaking tools helps you creates a virtual space of your property to let your customers experience the ownership of it before its final stage.

Real estate marketers know the most: better one time to see than ten times to hear. Instead of asking your customers in the pre-sale stage to imagine the property in the final stage, take them on an interactive tour of their dream properties. Let them get a taste of moving around their future house.

Whether your customers choose to use a VR headset or any mobile device, they get a 3D simulated ownership experience what does it means simulated ownership experience? from the comfort of their homes.


Viewing an Austrian villa located in Switzerland from Sydney? Absolutely. Just a click away.

Our team of visionary technology experts and real estate developers put their efforts together to revolutionize the marketing process of real estate properties. By creating early-stage real estate simulations in the Metaverse, we take real estate marketing to the next level.


We believe in the future and the future belongs to digitalization.


A sustainable and resource-wise digitalization.

Efficiency is the name of the game. Our tool enables you to sell real estate from all over the world. Without having to physically visit the locations, your prospects can get an authentic visiting experience.

Once you acquire the simulation of your property for sale, it can be viewed by a limitless number of prospects at the same time.


What our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Selfin created by a group of entrepreneurs and a tech team who set out to address the real estate marketing procedure.  

The venture was established out of the challenge of selling intangible real estate assets.

All types of properties and all types of landscapes!

VR headset, Mobile device, tablet, computer. Need anymore?

Its depends on the complexity of the project, but on average between 10-12 business days.

Upgrade your real estate marketing approach. Skyrocket your sales.

The future of real estate marketing is just a click away.

The real estate business is thriving. But it takes innovation for it to grow. And that’s who we are the innovators.

We are the visionaries who took marketing strategies to a space where the product sells itself in the Metaverse.
It all started with a vivid vision to revolutionize real estate marketing.

We understood that globalization and technology open groundbreaking opportunities for real estate.
Selfin is one of them

We open the doors to international real estate assets commerce trading. By assisting real estate owners developers and marketers and agencies in helping their customers to purchase acquire real estate assets properties from all over the world.

we enable them to experience properties from the comfort of their houses.

We upgraded property viewing by “experiencing” the property. Whether your customers use a VR headset or any mobile device, they get an interactive ownership experience what does it means “interactive ownership experience”?.

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