Making vision into reality.


SelfIn was established by real estate developers and technology experts in order to change the marketing process of real estate properties and objects from 0 to 1 on the Metaverse.
We are a bunch of dreamers that believe in digital assets, an immersive world, and that TIME is the most precious resource ever.


Our vision is to illustrate the ability to advertise in Metaverse by transforming the physical world into digital by using any mobile devices as well as the ability of ownership of these ‘transformed’ assets. Selfin is the bridge between today’s reality and tomorrow’s reality.


Our technology team develops 3D modeling technology by using a mobile device.
The technology is groundbreaking and suitable for modeling any object in the worlds of Real estate, E-COMMERCE and automotive.


To make properties accessible to everyone the ability to review properties without leaving home. Build tools for real estate developers for their clients in the way the property is marketed, the content selection for the property, and a tool that allows the client to get 360 ownerships on the property, not only physically but also digitally.