We create amazing real estate simulations.

We do simulations of: Interior design, 2D renders, 3D 360 renders & virtual tours adapted for the Metaverse!
Why? Because the pre-sale stage of a real estate property is a challenging stage where there is no tangible asset to visit yet, or something to touch. At this point our customer needs to run their imagination and rely on 2D marketing materials.

It’s time to start showing your projects on the Mataverse. 

Supported devices

Oculus quest 2




Rather than relying on 2D marketing materials, we put technology at work.

Let your customers experience properties in virtual reality, simply using a VR headset or their mobile devices.


3D real estate


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Production of

interactive real estate tours


Selfin team specialized on creating early-stages real estate simulation tours for the Metaverse which gives the customer the closest feeling to reality. To a point where they can understand what property they are interested in purchasing.

A bridge to the imagination

It has helped us a lot to speed up the sales process in our communication with customers. Customers who had a hard time imagining or understanding what they would get were very impressed and were left speechless.

Michael G.

CMO, Eight Seven real estate

Buying a property

“We have noticed a considerable decrease in the decision-making time of our customers when buying a property. It must have been caused by the great sense of ownership they get by viewing the properties in virtual reality. Either way, this is a great tool and we plan on incorporating it in presenting most of the properties of our portfolio.”

Ann Passcary

Sales assistant


“Great tool to help our customers overcome the hardship to imagine a house at the pre-sale stage. Instead of telling our customers: “Imagine this and that”, we just show them how the project is going to look at the final stage and the reactions get are very inspiring.”

Andrew Lewis

Sales manager, AL GROUP

Beyond borders

“Using Selfin we can expand our portfolio of real estate assets beyond the borders of our country. Surprisingly, our customers are very open to digitally view the properties located outside the country borders.”

Marta L.

CMO, Marta’s homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Interior design concept + 2D renders + 360 3D renders + Virtual tour.

Once you will upload your floorplan we’ll review and estimate the cost.

Within 3 hours we’ll send you an email to proceed for the next stage.

Within 5 working days, we’ll finish and you’ll get an email with an access to your dashboard. There you’ll see your property.
Check here:

Selfin created by a group of entrepreneurs and a tech team who set out to address the real estate marketing procedure.  

The venture was established out of the challenge of selling intangible real estate assets.

All types of properties and all types of landscapes!

VR headset, Mobile device, tablet, computer. Need anymore?

Its depends on the complexity of the project, but on average between 10-12 business days.

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